The girl bit her lips, as if she were there, and murmured, "who is he?" The corner of the eye is a little blurred. At this time, everyone couldn't help it. "Girl, can you tell us something about you?" "Tell me, girl!" Looking at everyone's entreaty, the girl took a deep breath, but it can be seen that it's still difficult to calm the ups and downs in her heart. The girl talked about them. It was more than two years ago, the girl was found to have leukemia, but it is not late, as long as actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment and rehabilitation is still very big. Soon the girl was admitted to the hospital and placed in bed four, ward five. There is also a patient in the No. 1 bed of the same ward. He is about the same age as himself. He is a young man with a very thin body. However, from the outline of his face, he can see that he used to be a handsome man. It's said that his name is Xu Bin. He has advanced blood cancer. If he can't find the right bone marrow for transplantation, he may not survive for a year. At the beginning, the girl actively cooperated with the doctor's treatment, and the treatment effect was good. During chemotherapy, the girl didn't say a word, but when cutting her long hair, the girl still cried bitterly. When they are free, they will chat with each other. Boys seldom talk. They listen to girls more often. Girls talk more about their boyfriends. Say how her boyfriend loves her, takes care of her, and what he has done for her. Looking at the girl's proud look, the boy didn't feel jealous but in his heart, which had never been before, as if she was happy with him. Of course, the boy never told the girl what he thought.